Asheville Mall

3 South Tunnel Road, Asheville

NC, 28805



Our mission statement:

“To empower the creativity of our customers through unique, one of a kind treats. By giving customers unlimited choices, what we make has them involved in every step. Creating a truly customer oriented experience”.

A local and veteran owned Ice Cream / Cafe location operating in the Asheville Mall food court. We offer an amazing and unique selection of frozen treats and drinks. A first of its kind concept offering around the principle of entertainment and value of products produced. Everything is prepared made to order in front of your eyes, from local and fair trade certified ingredients.

Here at Rolled and Roasted, we are all about honesty, transparency and integrity. That's why our advertisements show the true side of Rolled Ice Cream. They are not always "instagram" ready treats. They can be messy, sloppy, big or small. We can describe their characteristics for days. What Rolled Ice Cream from Rolled and Roasted truly represents is a small, young business that relies on no one else to create their treats. From the recipe, to the flavors. Everything we can personally create, we do. There are times where we source other treats for our flavors, and we use extreme caution to find the best, highest quality treats we can. We support local to the core, and buy as much as possible from local vendors and businesses. 
We hope you join the movement of local, and support us. We truly love our fans, community and friends. 
Thanks to you all, our store has been a success. 



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The idea was born in June of 2017, after watching several videos of Rolled Ice Cream being produced. With over 20 different plans, names and ideas. We took the best of every aspect and joined together to make what Rolled and Roasted is today.

In 2017, we opened our doors(gutters actually) to the Asheville Mall. Our launch day was a success, and every day since that has been steps to improvement. Our rolls weren't perfect to start, but seeing the reaction and smiles of our customers was. We are so happy to be serving these exclusive treats in 2018, and cannot wait to see what is in store. 

We will continue to add to our story, because it was truly powerful.



I was so excited to try this place out! I got the ice cream taco, which was AMAZING. I loved the waffle taco shell, it was perfectly crunchy, and the ice cream was so creamy - rivalling hand churned, old fashioned vanilla. They had all kinds of fun seasonal flavors to try. I'm going to have to go back - and you should go too! 

- Summer, Facebook

Just tried my first ice cream taco and it was absolutely incredible. If you haven't tried this place yet definitely do you won't regret it. Prices are great, the flavors are unique, the workers are friendly, and they will be honest with you with any request you may have! Hope you have a great experience like I did!

-Kelly, Facebook

This place is awesome. They make your ice-cream right in front of you. Watching them use the anti-griddle is free
It's amazing how fast the liquid freezes, then they roll it. Hence the name. I liked how the staff answered all my questions. They said the griddle is negative 19 degrees. How cool is that?? (pun intended)
 They have a friendly staff and lots of topping choices...I loved the ice-cream. I had the vanilla flavor over pumpkin pie w/cinnamon and whipped cream. Yumm !!!

-Lisa, Yelp