Rolled Beginnings

Rolled and Roasted has three underlining principles that our entire store operates under in some form.

Value - 
We are aiming at being the best bang for your buck ice cream and coffee joint in Western North Carolina. We have structured our price to be fair for us, but more fair for the customer. We bundle entertainment with value as we develop fun and exciting ways for your treat to be created. That's why we say infinite smiles, because you'll get that same grin every time you order.
(Btw a majority of our ingredients are fair-trade certified, locally produced and environmentally friendly, and better yet, our employees are paid fair wages! All above minimum wage, can't be served with a smile if we can't give them a reason to).
Equality - 
Each and every customer will be treated as a respected individual. We have a strict no politics policy (ironic is it not?). Regardless of race, religion, sexuality and more, you will be served the same way every time or its free. Our business is founded on many principles, and our promise is quality coffee, tea and rolled ice cream and a simple as that.
Consistency - 
We are forming our recipes handmade, with the best taste possible. We are designing our creation system to bring you the same amazing taste every time. We believe highly in our quality, and sacrifice profit to maintain your experience. That's why our Iced Coffee has ice cubes made of coffee, and our rolled ice cream has no small size. Because your smile is priceless.

Have any suggestions? We want to hear it! Message us on Facebook and we will actually read them. Multiple views is better than one, no matter the circumstance.