Q:How is rolled ice cream made?

A: Our secret house cream is a base of milk, condensed milk and few other flavors to make its perfectly creamy, yet rich taste. Our inverse griddles use a finely tuned freezing process that makes the mixture freeze without hardening past the smooth cream texture. The cream must be a certain density, thickness and measurement to roll, and is very sensitive. It's an art.

Q:Where did we learn this?

A: Don't laugh.... Facebook. We fell in love with the idea, and couldn't stop talking about it. So we took out dreams into actions and created the store from the bottom up by ourselves. No helped from any other business.

Q: Where is the coffee coming from?

A: While we can't release trade secrets, our coffee is sourced from fair trade certified vendors in multiple countries, and locally roasted in Hendersonville, NC. Maintaining quality is our number one goal.

Q: is our ice cream healthy?

A: Our ice cream like any other traditional ice cream is sweetened using sugar, and we can not promise it's the best thing for a tight diet. But our ingredients are as high quality as we can use, and as local as we can get them.