We are seeking investors, and franchisers to increase the presence, financial, and environmental strength of Rolled and Roasted.

We have two types of Rolled and Roasted concepts you can franchise.

Rolled and Roasted Express (A kiosk style setup, $35,000 upfront, $1000/month royalty fee)

Rolled and Roasted Cafe ($175,000 upfront, $3,500/monthly royalty fee)

Under both concepts, we cover the design, development and launch of the brand in that location. We will negotiate the lease for you, push for renovation/move in budgets, allocate all your resources, and provide itemized lists of materials needed.

We require a minimum of $150k in net worth to actively support the financial success of the businesses.

If you’re interested in requesting more information, please fill out our forms, and our Expansion Team will reach out to you within 1-2 business days (M-F)


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