Our Ice Cream.

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We are asked this question frequently, and the answer is very simple and straightforward. Like traditional ice cream, it is made with dairy products (or dairy alternative products). What we set ourselves apart from other from can be summarized in two words we feel have true power.


Not many places can use the term create as flexibly as Rolled and Roasted. Understandably, we like most of our food one way. But Rolled and Roasted empowers the customer by giving them choices of every aspect of the treat they order. From flavor, to toppings, to finishing touches/garnish. We allow customers to get what they want in exact definition. 


Past the ability to choose exactly what you want, we consider our ice cream as an experience. The typical process between ordering the treat and receiving it is 3-4 minutes. That's a lot of time to form a relationship with the customer. We strike conversation, develop personal relations with the customer. Every Rolled Ice Cream is made per order, and you will never get one just quite like it. Every creator has their own style, methods and way to make it. You'll always expect a experience at Rolled and Roasted, but it will never been the exact same.
Consistency with Diversty.